Riving and Bending

Jon understands that not everyone has access to green logs suitable for chair making and recalls his own early experiences attempting riving and steam bending. He therefore offers
this hands on opportunity for people to come and work through whatever challenges this aspect of chair making is presenting them with.

This could be anything from accessing the green timber in log form through to the process of preparing chair components from green timber and steam bending. You may have taken some chair making classes previously and are now attempting to make chairs in your own workshop for the first time. Seat carving and turning are mostly achievable in the home workshop however it is common for the riving and bending aspects to present barriers to progress. Whatever it is you need to do in this area, Jon is happy to negotiate a customised experience to suit your needs.

Handmade Matters will provide the green timber (Tasmanian Blackwood) and the bending forms for most chair designs, along with the steam bending equipment. You can return to your own workshop with all the spindle and steam bent components you need for the chairs you intend to make.

Cost and duration by negotiation: Typically 9am – 4pm.
Skill level required: Intermediate +
Age recommendation: 16 years +
Cost: By negotiation