Nestled deep within a hidden valley in Tasmania awaits a simple timber chair making studio.

A unique place of inspiration, conversation and shared experience.
A workspace that seamlessly melds old and new, paying homage to rich traditions.
A cabin that forges friendships and celebrates creativity.

Why? Because handmade matters.



I was introduced to Jon with a one on one open chair making tuition, a gift from my family for a significant birthday. I now look at timber more creatively and seek a more personal connection with the concepts of handmade. My project with Jon involved much more than a chair. Jon encouraged a deeper appreciation of chair design and evolution, enabling a personal connection with the timber that I split from a handpicked tree in my forest. Jon has ignited a much stronger and sustaining passion for the craft a chair making.

Jim Wilson

Right from the beginning of the class I warmed to Jon’s inclusive teaching style and his obvious love for Windsor Chairs, but more importantly his love for the use of the various hand tools involved in the process. Making a Windsor Chair for the first time could be a daunting task, but Jon’s knowledge and his supportive teaching style ensured that each participant progressed at their own pace and skill level. Jon has become a chair making mentor to me and his love of the craft is infectious.

Derek Burgell

I have long been intrigued by Jon’s craft and admired his passion for traditional chair making. My day spent making a small milking stool was nothing short of fantastic. Having absolutely no experience in woodworking, I was delighted to bring home a functional piece of handmade furniture.

Amanda Mackinnon

My daughter and I spent the day together with Jon, each of us working on our own small stool. Jon provided an enriching experience. His skill and knowledge is second to none. Not only did we enjoy the time working collaboratively together producing our pieces, but we thoroughly enjoyed all of Jon’s stories along the way. He is a champion of local Tasmanian culture.

Peter Pearce

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