George Peddle Chair

Embark upon a journey into the life and times of the first Windsor Chair maker in Tasmanian colonial history – all within a stone’s throw of where he established his very first workshop back in 1886.

Immerse yourself in the whole George Peddle story. Your journey will begin before you even arrive, as Handmade Matters will send you a copy of Denis Lake’s book “The Men Who Made the Celebrated Chairs: Windsor-chair making in Tasmania” (included in the course cost) – a must read to set the scene.

Four glorious days provide the opportunity to gain fundamental skills in chairmaking layout, drilling, hand tool woodworking and assembly. This chair is as much of a wood turning project as it is a chairmaking one. Prior wood turning experience will be of great benefit, however turning patterns can be altered to suit your skill level.

This chair will be crafted from native Tasmanian blackwood, just as George did over 150 years ago. You will leave with not only a beautiful heirloom chair but a unique understanding of how these pioneering people carved out their living in early Tasmania.

Four day class: Typically 9am – 4pm.
Skill level required: Beginner +
Age recommendation: 16 years +
Cost: $1650 per person