Jerry Chair

The Jerry Chair is the result of a unique collaboration between Tasmanian chairmakers Jon Grant, of Handmade Matters, and Ben Grieve-Johnson, of Other Furniture.

Jon and Ben’s vision was to design a Tasmanian chair that was contemporary in style, efficient to create, and satisfying to teach. The Jerry Chair was born from endless conversations and then prototypes trialled in the studios of both craftsmen.

The Jerry has both turned legs and spindles, making it as much a beautiful woodturning project as it is a chairmaking one. It requires its maker to turn their hand to steam bending, turning, seat carving and classic Windsor Chair joinery. Makers of the Jerry Chair often choose to finish their piece in a contemporary black coating.

The Jerry Chair takes its name from Hobart’s iconic ‘Bridgewater Jerry’ – the peculiar fog that snakes its way along the length of the Derwent River during Tasmania’s cooler months. With its origins in the Derwent Valley, the Bridgewater Jerry frequently blankets the entire western shoreline of Hobart, from the northern suburb of Bridgewater all the way to the city.

Jon and Ben both grew up in the same Hobart street, albeit 30 years apart. Each winter the Bridgewater Jerry can be clearly seen from their street. Whilst Jon now resides in the Derwent Valley – the origin of the Bridgewater Jerry – and Ben closer to their old neighbourhood, the serpent-like mist of the Bridgewater Jerry continues to connect them to this day.

Four day class: Typically 9am – 4pm.
Skill level required: Beginner +
Age recommendation: 16 years +
Cost: $1650