Classic Windsor Side Chair

Jon never tires of making Windsor Side Chairs. Regardless of the design, Balloon Back or Fan Back, these classic chairs present a great opportunity to develop your chair making skills. For those new to Windsor Chair making, this is a great place to start with plenty of opportunity to touch on all the fundamental aspects of making a chair, including undercarriage joinery, seat carving, green woodworking and steam bending, and assembly. For those with some experience, a side chair provides an opportunity to focus on a particular aspect that you want to understand more deeply or repeat processes to a point where they become intuitive.

Note that the turned components for these chairs will be prepared for you prior to your arrival. You will rive out all the spindles and steam bend components from a green Tasmanian Blackwood log.

Five day class: Typically 9am – 4pm.
Skill level required: Beginner +
Age recommendation: 16 years +
Cost: $1800