Jon Grant’s strong sense of place can be traced back several generations. His family have worked the golden paddocks of the midlands and explored the rugged coastline of the far south. Tasmania is home. Jon feels a deep connection to the landscape and has a true affinity with the unique timbers that grow within Tasmania’s beautiful cool temperate forests.

Jon is a craftsman with a true maker’s philosophy. He fuels his inspiration by maintaining a ‘line of sight’ to the tree from which the timber originated and using traditional techniques and hand tools wherever possible. Whilst Jon has worked across a range of creative fields over the years, Windsor Chairmaking fits perfectly within this framework – a woodworking interpretation of the ‘paddock to plate’ concept.

Jon is a skilled educator. After investing over 30 years in the public vocational education sector, his passion for teaching remains alive and well. Jon now dedicates his time to the craft of chair making and believes strongly in the role creativity plays in our sense of fulfilment and wellbeing.

In pursuit of his love of making Windsor Chairs, Jon travels regularly to the USA to work with many of the masters of the craft. Jon’s work is strongly aligned with the American style of Windsor Chair making and the experience he has gained through this is evident in both his making processes and the chairs he produces.

It is a great privilege to be able to offer the opportunity to come to my unique studio, work in traditional ways and create beautiful Windsor Chairs.

There is a great satisfaction to be found in starting with a log and working with your hands to produce an heirloom chair that will stay in your family for generations.

Jon Grant